Meet our employees

Ann-Kristin Berghel

Service Coordinator

“As a new employee, it was a quick and easy process to feel included thanks to a good introductory-program.”

Describe your role at SOMAS

I handle the administration of service/repair-work done by our service technicians, returned goods and warranty matters. I make sure we resolve our customers’ support requests and provide them with the correct information. I’m also the link between our company and the customer when handling matters that require cooperation between several different departments in order to resolve specific issues.

what is the best part of your job?

The variety in terms of assignments and work pace. One day can be all about routine day to day tasks, while the next can be about something far more pressing that require us to quickly resolve any customer issues. This makes sure that no work week looks the same.
We work well together, both within the company and with our distributors around the world.

how did you come to work at somas?

I saw an ad indicating that SOMAS were looking to hire a Service Coordinator which I thought would suit me. I had worked at the same company for seven years prior and wanted to try something new while also putting my linguistic skills to use.

how do you view somas as a company

In my opinion SOMAS is a successful and well-managed company with a long-term approach and a will to benefit local parties in mind.  As a new employee, it was a quick and easy process to feel included thanks to a good introductory-program.

Name: Ann-Kristin Berghel
Title: Service Coordinator
Who I am: A woman from Värmland interested in languages. I have studied economics and worked with marketing and administration in different business areas. My free time is mostly spent on the coutryside with my family, three horses and a large garden.

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