Meet our employees

Mathias Häggkvist

Technical Manager

“It’s inspiring to see how we continue to develop as a company, as a department and as individuals”

describe your role at somas

As Technical Manager at SOMAS I’m responsible for our technical department where we work with construction and development. I spend a lot of time making sure we utilize work ethics and routines befitting of a world-class valve manufacturer. The demands of our customers are constantly changing which means we have to adapt as well.

what is the best part of your job?

The best parts of my job are the variations that come with working with both technical aspects and with the people around me. It is very inspiring to see how we develop as a company, as a department and as individuals.

how did you come to work at somas?

I came to Säffle in 1996 and initially worked at BTGs department for valve development. I started working as a salesman at SOMAS in 2006 and in 2016 I assumed the position of Technical Manager. I suppose I came to work at SOMAS because I have spent my entire working career with valves in some capacity, it’s what I know best.

how do you view somas as a company?

The thing I appreciate the most about SOMAS is the ease with which decisions are made and that we have the entire company (for the most part) located in one spot.

Name: Mathias Häggkvist
Title: Technical Manager
Who I am: A 45-year old “jack of all trades”. I live with my wife and two kids in Tveta just outside of Säffle. I love skiing and have competed in the Swedish competition “Vasaloppet” 11 times. In the fall of 2017 I made my debut in musical theater as a performer in Säffleoperans version of the musical “Annie”. I also dabble as a navigator for rally-drivers and am aiming to lower my golfing handicap and my lap time for “Vätternrundan”. Another hobby I’m trying to maintain is forging, which I do together with my father who in my opinion is one of the best at his craft in the region.

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