Meet our employees

Peter Norman

Teamleader – Production Technichal Department

“It is the will to improve the here and now without regard for how good something appears to be. And without regard for how good it really is”.

Describe your role at somas

I work in our production department as a supervisor, which means I handle everything from quick fixes to simplifying and improving daily tasks. I also help in the development of new products. Another important aspect is to consider and work towards reduced production costs.

what is the best part of your job?

A combination of many things really. The varying assignments and the social connection with co-workers are stand out aspects. Together they result in personal development because of the variety and the joy that comes from working with good people. It really gives me a good feeling and I enjoy my job.

how did you come to work at somas?

Pretty simple. My old place of work Componenta in Åmål was shutting down and SOMAS needed someone with my qualifications. I have been working here since 2007.

how do you view somas as a company?

I usually think of it like this: If you are going to work at a company with shaping by cutting, it is hard to imagine how it could get any better than this.

Name: Peter Norman
Title: Teamleader – Production Technichal Department
Who I am: I’m a married 50-year-old from Åmål. I have two grown up kids. I like to spend my free-time fishing, both in the summer and winter. I also like to cook.

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