Fire Safe valves


Somas offers several Butterfly Valves in Fire safe designs.
These valves comply with EN ISO 10497 and API 607 standards.
The most common area of application for these valves is found within the oil & gas industry. They can be useful in other business areas as well however.

What is a fire safe valve?

A fire safe valve is a valve that can maintain its pressure containing capabilities during and after a certain period of time exposed to fire. 

This kind of valve is used to prevent hazardous or flammable fluid leaking from the valve during a fire.

How is a fire safe valve tested?

  • A leakage test is conducted on the valve where water with a temperature of 20 °C is used.
    The pressure during this test is 1,4 times greater than what is allowed during normal operation.
  • After the leakage test, gas burners are ignited which expose the valve to a simulated fire for 30 minutes.
    During this time the valve must reach and withstand temperatures between 750-1000 °C.
  • While the valve is on fire a constant water pressure of 2 bar is present in the pipeline and the valve is continuously checked for leakage.
  • The valve is then left to cool down for 5 minutes, after which sprinklers are turned on for 10 minutes to cool the valve further. 
  • The target temperature is anything below 100 °C. Once the valve is sufficently cooled it is checked to make sure its still operational.
  • Lastly, the pressure in the pipeline is increased to 14 bar for 10 minutes. During this time a check for external leakage is conducted.
  • The test takes about 60 minutes to complete. If the valve passes all the above mentioned steps it can be certified as Fire safe.

How are SOMAS fire safe valves designed?

Somas Fire safe butterfly valves are based on our standard butterfly valves with PTFE seats.
The main difference is found in the backup seats, which are  made from a nickel alloy.

During normal use the valves will work exactly as  standard butterfly valves with a PTFE seat.
In case of a fire which a PTFE seat is not designed to handle, the backup seat will take over.

The backup seat is not as tight as the PTFE seat, but good enough according to EN 10497 and API 607. 
Somas Fire safe valves can be supplied according to NORSOK as well as other oil and gas standards.

Fire test certificates

Somas Butterfly Valves can be supplied in Fire safe designs. Learn more about our Fire Test certificates here.

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