Check valves

Check valves–Short closing time, high capacity

Fluids, steam or gas – SOMAS check valves are suitable for all three substances.
Our check valves are designed and made for clamping between flanges. It comes in two different configurations: with or without a spring. It is made out of stainless steel in order to meet the high demands of our customers.


High capacity and short closing time are the check valves great advantages. The closing time is short due to the seat angle in the body, which makes the check valve especially well-suited for fluids, steam and gases. Another advantage of the check valve is that it can easily be disassembled by the customer when the valve needs cleaning or the shaft needs to be replaced.

product information

  • Dimensions DN50 – DN600
  • Pressure classes PN10 – PN25
  • High capacity means low pressure drop and minimal energy loss
  • Closing time is short due to the seat angle in the body
  • Replicable shafts for ease of maintenance
Check Valves

Prevent damage and flooding with check valves

A check valve is used to prevent a return flow that can cause damage to surrounding equipment, or flooding at various points of the process. The valve can be installed in horizontal as well as in vertical pipelines and shall be designed so that it stands firmly open and not cause fluctuations in the flow. Applications can be found for liquids and gases in most business areas.

All businesses that regularly pump any substance, has a need for one or more check valves.

Check Valves


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