SomAware® – for your convenience and security

In order for you to feel extra safe when choosing us as a supplier, we support current and future customers as well as consulting agencies, as much as we can. One key component of our customer relations is that we offer different digital solutions collectively called SomAware®

SomSize® is our valve sizing program used to choose the correct size valve(s) for your specific applications. Choosing the right size valve is important to achieve the best possible performance, it can also help you to save money.

SomBook® is a tool that can be used to view examples of different installations and what valves we recommend for different applications and business areas.
You can also view corresponding datasheets for most of the valves directly in your browser!

SomVerify® is an upcoming tool that offers technical assistance remotely.
This can save you both time and money!

SomId® is an upcoming tool that offers the opportunity to locate all the necessary information about your  valves in one place. Whether you need spare parts, product certificates or manuals/datasheets, it’s all here!


Choosing the correct dimensions of a control valve is one of the key factors for achieving the best possible result when using Somas control valves. It is also important because using the right size valve can offer you the opportunity to save money.


SomBook® is a tool where we have collected our many years of experience about valve options, material options as well as other important information about the valves we suggest for specific applications.


Did you know your valves can talk? All you need to do is listen.
SomVerify® offers remote technical assistance that can save you both time and money. Using one or more smart valve positioners we can read diagnostic data right away.  This results in a head start when it comes to planning possible service actions.
SomVerify® is a work in progress.


Are you looking for more information about speciffic valves?
Do you need to know what spare parts to order? SomID® has you coverd. Input your valves serial number and any relevant information / documentation is presented.
SomId® is a work in progress.

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