Meet our employees

Erik Djuvfeldt

Sales Representative

“SOMAS has a special sense of comradery where, as a new employee, you have a large amount of support from experienced co-workers.”

Describe your role at somas

As a sales representative at SOMAS I’m part of a team focusing on the Swedish market. In order to get to know and understand our customers’ needs we work within districts with split responsibilities but we work in conjunction with projects and requests. I mostly meet customers from the middle/south part of Sweden and my role is to, together with the customer, determine the best possible solution.

what is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is the varying assignments that involve a lot of customer interactions. The diversity that comes with spending some days in the office and others out and about meeting customers on location makes my job both challenging and fun.

how did you come to work at somas?

I grew up in Säffle and spent a lot of time at the ice-skating rink “SOMAS-hallen” with my hockey teammates in my youth. Because of this I’ve always been aware of the company’s existence. I was contacted by SOMAS and got interested once I found out more about the way the company works, their products, their organization and the company’s history. Previously I worked at a company located on Hammarö in Karlstad with a focus on sales to customers in the process industry in Sweden. It felt exciting to get the opportunity to work with the same type of clientele but with new products and a company that does all manufacturing themselves.

how do you view somas as a company?

A stable, safe and well-run company where everyone works together towards common goals. I think SOMAS has a special sense of comradery where you, as a new employee, get a lot of support from experienced co-workers.

Name: Erik Djuvfeldt
Title: Sales Representative
Who I am: I live in Karlstad with my wife and two little kids. Most of my free time is spent with family and my children’s activities. In the summertime, we enjoy taking a trip with our caravan further south i.e. to Italy or Croatia. Hockey and any sport with engines are also big interests for me and during the winter months I enjoy playing “old-man-hockey” with like-minded individuals who refuse to accept that their glory days are long gone.

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