Meet our employees

Johan Johannesson

Production Engineering

“My job gives me an opportunity to take on new challenges and  learn new things constantly”.

Describe your role at somas

Working in Production Engineering at SOMAS means I have a good ammount of variation in my work.
I am involved in a lot of different projects both big and small to improve our products and other details connected to our production facility.

what is the best part of your job?

The variety. I have an opportunity to learn and evolve while taking on new challenges every day. 
I enjoy it a lot!

Hiw dud yiu get your new position in Production Engineering?

I used to work as a CNC-operator on a five-axis MTM machine with an accompanying robot. I got to take more and more responsibility for the machine as time went on. The process got automated more and more however, which in turn gave me a lot of time to learn and take on other tasks.
I got an offer to attend a course focused on production engineering while still working like normal alongside it. After about a year of studying I graduated and the opportunity to work with production engineering full-time came up just as I was finishing the course, and here I am!

how do you view somas as a company?

SOMAS is a company that never stops growing and evolving, this is true in each and every department we have, Training and shared experiences means that we have great conditions to evolve both as individuals and collectively.
The overall feeling within the company helps to keep you motivated and enjoy your work.
If there are ever any questions or concerns, help is never far away!

Name: Johan Johannesson
Title: Production Engineering
Who I am: I live in Säffle with my partner and our dog. I like spending time with friends and family and I also love to travel  Be it for skiing or spending time in the sun on a nice beach.

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